Tip: For all your outings or visits, have on you your passport.

In addition to the fact that the passport is mandatory in China for foreigners, it is also required at the entrance of many tourist sites to gain access.

Guangdong Museum

Want to experience the history and culture of China, the Guangdong Museum is the perfect place. This museum is the largest in Canton and contains many parts dealing with painting, calligraphy, crafts and many exhibitions.

Huacheng Square

It's the new heart of Guangzhou. We advise you to walk there in the evening. This large square, in the center of the skyscrapers, is a magical place in the evening when all the lights are illuminated. The view of the Canton Tower, 604 meters high on the other side of the river is impregnable.

Baiyun Mountain

Rise and go for a walk on Baiyun Mountain. You will have an incredible view of Canton

Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Canton

Looking for some French culture in Canton? You will be surprised to find here the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, built from 1863 to 1888 with the financial support of Napoleon III and supervised by two French architects.

Old Canton - Liwan District

Stroll through the old quarter of Canton, along the canals, into ancient temples and soak up Cantonese culture.

Guilin - Yangshuo

Only 3 hours from Guangzhou by TGV, you will discover one of the most beautiful region of China. The imposing mountainous karst formations around the cities of Guilin and Yangshuo are world famous for their shape atypical. Many activities are possible such as hiking, cycling, boating or climbing some of these mountains.

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