The two main means of transport available to you are the metro and the taxi


It is a convenient and inexpensive way to get around Guangzhou but also to different districts around the city as well as to Foshan. Commissioned only in 1997, the Guangzhou metro now has up to 400km of lines and is expected to reach 700km by the end of 2020 for several lines and extensions under construction. The lines are however crowded during office outings but especially during trade shows such as CIFF.

Application to download

To get around Subway in Canton, nothing better than using the application allowing you to know the best route, how long it will take and the schedule for each station.

Guangzhou metro map


Although Uber (called in China Didi) exists, the application to use this service is available only for those with a bank account in China connected to the application.
You can surely take only traditional taxis.
You will find taxis everywhere in town and at any time of day and night. Few are available at peak times.
Attention, it is important to ask the taxi to use the meter "Taxi Meter". Some taxis refuse, especially when demand is high: exit CIFF, late night in places frequented etc.
It is rare but possible to be a victim of a taxi scam. They can make fake banknotes or claim that yours is a fake bill while they stole the real one and replace it with a fake one. So be careful, keep an eye on the ticket you gave him.
In case of problems, take a photo of the driver's license (mandatory in the vehicle), it will suddenly be more conciliatory.

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