Business card

It is a fact known to all, the business card in China is an essential tool for business.
It is better to have a bilingual English-Chinese business card and carry it at all times because the meetings are sometimes unpredictable.
Passing his own card must be done solemnly by extending his card in the right direction and with both hands and tilting slightly his bust.
The receipt of a card is the same. After receiving it, take a few seconds to read it and show interest, do not store it directly.

Face to face meeting

If you want to develop a partnership and a long-term relationship with a Chinese company, face to face meeting is a crucial step.
Organize a meeting with the director of the company with whom you wish to deal and do not hesitate to sympathize with him. The more friendly the relationships, the easier it will be to work and reach consensus with your interlocutors.


English is increasingly used in business with China. However, few factory managers speak English and the level of English salesmen sometimes leaves something to be desired. Do not hesitate to bring a bilingual French-Chinese interpreter to assist you in your negotiations. This interpreter can also understand when your interlocutors speak Chinese among themselves.
For the more intrepid, you can of course get by to talk with the Chinese. Then try to adapt your English to the interlocutor. If you notice an insufficient level of English, simplify your sentences.
It is better to avoid humor "à la française", irony or the second degree is misunderstood by the Chinese and this can lead to embarrassing situations.

About "face"

For the Chinese, it is very important to "keep face". During a negotiation, it is therefore important not to get upset and not to humiliate your interlocutor
Be careful, many Chinese people will not say when they do not understand what you say to them or if they do not know how to answer a question. It may be that they simply answer "yes" to the question so as not to lose "the face".
It is necessary to be able to detect these moments to then reformulate the sentence and to ask well to his interlocutors if they understood.

Negotiate a price

The price is an important step in the negotiation. However, care must be taken to find the "right price".
First, too much bargaining in China could upset your interlocutor.
Second, getting a better price can affect the quality of the product. If the price is "too" low for the factory, it will adjust the time to make the product but also the materials used. The risk is therefore to receive lower quality products due to prior negotiation.

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