Your favorite applications will be blocked in China

Some very popular services and applications are totally or partially blocked in China. This means that once you enter the URL or open the application, they do not load. Below is a list of the most popular services not available in China:

Google (Search, Gmail, Google Play, Drive, Docs, etc.),
Social (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, Tumblr, Snapchat) Video (Youtube, Dailymotion)
Chat apps (Whatsapp, Line, Telegram, Periscope, KaKao Talk)
Media (The New York Times, Finacial Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Bloomberg, Reuters, The Independent, TheWorld, The Team, Netflix)
Work (Dropbox, ShutterStock, Slideshare, Slack, iStockPhotos)

Complete list:

How to access blocked sites and applications?

Solution: Download a VPN application on your computer and on your phone. Make sure they work with Wifi and 3G / 4G. Many are available and easily configurable, we advise you to choose a paying VPN, these guarantee their permanent operation whereas a free VPN will be more unstable

Examples of paid VPN services:


Examples of free VPN services:


Translate everything you see and what you say

Google Translation is a useful service that you will use with pleasure in China. Just go to the page or download the application on your phone. It’s the only Google service that works freely in China. Once downloaded, open the application and download (via WIFI) the Chinese-English pack. You can then translate written characters while on the move with the phone’s camera. Yes, technology is great!

For your communication, make sure your current plan covers 3G / 4G in China at a reasonable cost. Otherwise, check that your phone is unlocked and can accept other SIM cards and buy a 4G SIM card from your hotel in China (not at the airport). The 4G network works perfectly in China.

No 4G? You will not be able to lose yourself anymore!

If you want to move to China without 4G, several apps offer pre-downloadable maps that will show you where you are at any time. You can also save in advance positions that you can annotate (CIFF, hotel, restaurants, places to visit, etc.). One of these applications working perfectly in China is

If there was to be only one, it would be this one

WeChat is the most useful and used application in China. Everyone uses it in China where it replaces WhatsApp and Facebook (it has been reported recently that it has more accounts than Chinese netizens!). But it’s also a tool for browsing, shopping, discovering restaurants, and so much more. Finally, the application, available in French and English, will allow you to keep in touch with your Chinese counterparts.

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